[mythtv-users] BackEnd FrontEnd, how does it work??

Devan Lippman devan.lippman at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 18:45:55 EDT 2005

On 7/12/05, Mr AG <angelisonline at gmail.com> wrote: 
> I have just a question or two, to ask about this.
> I want to know if I have this correct in my head. I want to have a
> MythTV installation in the basement aka my workshop, so that I can
> listen to my MP3 collection, and maybe some online radio... * i heard
> that there is a plugin somewhere* Also, when I can be bothered to set
> it up, I want to have my cable TV setup in my basement too (i spend a
> lot of time in the workshop!) The thing with this is, having my cable
> box in the basement, means, NOT having it upstairs.... *obvious, I
> know.*
> This is where the front end back end questions come in. If I have
> another MythBox, on my network, can it display the live TV, that is
> coming into my main MythBox?
> If so, can i get the MiniMyth box, (that's what I'll call the second
> and third boxes), to schedule recordings and stuff, and then have it
> all avalible to watch on any MiniMyth box around the house? Because
> if that's that case, I'll start in the morning!

 Yes, all scheduling goes back to the backend. Your minimyth boxes can be 
called just frontends. All shows on the backend are available from any 

Devan Lippman <devan at lippman.net>
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