[mythtv-users] Adjusting 1 channels start/stop time?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Jul 12 16:50:54 EDT 2005

Chad wrote:

>I am sure that there are millions of people in my situation. :D  I
>record Star Trek: The Next Generation (which from here on out will be
>referred to as TNG) on any channel, at any time.  Which so far
>basically means I get it solely from Spike TV.
>The problem I run into is that SpikeTV has got their clocks set by the
>sun, ntp is too far advanced for them.  So I occasionally get the tail
>end of Leave it Beaver before settling in for a good 42 minutes of
>CAPT Picard saving the Federation from a war with the Cardacians. 
>This I can handle, and actually set it up to work this way (read on). 
>However, there are occasions when I sit down with my fresh cup of root
>beer only to see that I'm in the middle of opening sequence, or even
>at times, opening credits (which generally come after the first
>commercial break!).  I've compensated for this by adjusting the global
>"start early" by (I think) 3 minutes or so.  It works ok about 10% of
>the time, with "The Beav" doing something boring.  But it seems more
>often than not I'm 3 or 4 minutes into the episode before it starts
>recording (I rarely watch LiveTV).
>Are there any options?  I know I can just move the global bit to start
>4 more minutes in the future, but I'd rather lose the rare beginning
>of a show on SpikeTV and get the rest of my flicks on other channels
>with only about 2 minutes of pre-commercial garbage.
>So basicall, I am hoping there is a feature I can't find to adjust a
>specific channels start early stop late times.
>If not, I can live with it, but it would surely be nice to have this feature.
>PS:  I've got 3 tuner cards already, so it's not a problem with
>freeing up a tuner card.
Global pre/post-roll is only used when bringing up the encoder from 
"full stop" (i.e. if the encoder is not currently in use and will be 
used for a specific recording, the encoder will be brought "online"--by 
your settings--3 minutes early).  However, if nothing is recording and 
you record a show from 8:00pm-9:00pm and another from 9:00pm-10:00pm 
followed by no recordings, the same encoder (the one with highest 
priority) will be used for both recordings, meaning that only the first 
will have the pre-roll 3 minutes and the second will have the post-roll 
3 minutes.

If you want a specific recording to start early or end late, use "Start 
Early" and "End Late" settings.  This--unlike global pre/post-roll--will 
affect scheduling.  So, this time if nothing is recording and you record 
a show from 8:00pm-9:00pm and another from 9:00pm-10:00pm followed by no 
recordings and the first recording has a start early of 3 minutes and 
end late of 4 minutes, the first show will start no later than 7:57pm 
(i.e. you'll also get global pre-roll on top of the 3 minutes) and end 
no later than 9:04.  Since the encoder being used to record that show 
will still be in use when the 9:00pm show starts, it will use a 
different encoder (meaning it will get the global pre/post-roll).

So, basically, don't use global pre/post roll to compensate for 
broadcasters time differences.  Think of it as option.  Instead, set TNG 
to record with a start early and end late setting.


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