[mythtv-users] Find Once Per Week Records Multiple Times

Derek Battams derek at battams.ca
Tue Jul 12 16:43:16 EDT 2005

Quoting Derek Battams <derek at battams.ca>:

> Using 0.18 (KnoppMyth).  I've added a schedule to find and record a 
> program once
> a week.  The first airing was on Monday, but due to conflicts, that 
> airing was
> skipped and instead was recorded early this morning, as expected.  
> However, the
> scheduler has now decided to record the program again on Wednesday.  
> I wouldn't
> expect it to record again at least until next Monday.  Why would the 
> scheduler
> choose to record the program twice in the same week?  The original recording
> from Tuesday hasn't been deleted and the program description, etc. is 
> the same
> for all showings.
> Help appreciated,
> Derek

When I setup this recording, I set the duplicate check method to "none" 
since I
always wanted it to record once a week, but only once a week, 
regardless of the
original air date, etc.  With that setup, the scheduler has scheduled the
program to record Wednesday, even though it has already recorded it earlier
today.  If I change the duplicate check method to something else then the
scheduler identifies the Wednesday airing as already recorded and skips 
it. Shouldn't I be able to get the desired effect without making it 
check for

Help appreciated,


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