[mythtv-users] Importing DVDs to Myth

Jim Reith reith at racores.com
Tue Jul 12 14:14:08 EDT 2005

At 01:53 PM 7/12/2005, you wrote:
>I know about the DVD rip module and it's nice for what it does :)
>Obviously what I'm describing below isn't for everyone. I'm after
>more of a DVD archive or DVD Jukebox like setup and while ripping
>DVDs is nice it doesn't keep all the functionality that I desire.
>I'm looking to see if anyone has put together a solution that imports
>(not rips) full DVDs into MythVideo. By import I mean the entire DVD
>to include all sound tracks, sub titles, menus, and video. I think
>I've seen some scripts that do this go by on the list but don't see
>them in the archives.
>My vision of a functional DVD Import would be:
>1) Copies the entire contents of the DVD (video, menus, all sound
>tracks, extras, and all subtitles) to the HDD
>2) Uses the imdb.pl or other means to identify the disc, get the
>cover art, and insert it into the MythVideo database
>3) Imported discs are immediately playable by browsing with MythVideo
>The import option might be found by navigating from MythTV Main
>Screen -> DVD -> DVD Import.

isn't this the functionality that was gotten by allowing playing of DVDs
from the ISO files? of course then you need to image the disks to create
the ISO

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