[mythtv-users] PVR 250 Glitches and Capture Noise

Barry Jett bjett80 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 09:21:40 EDT 2005

I wonder if anyone else has seen this problem.

My PVR 250 on an 18.1 EPIA 10k Mandrake system has started generating
video noise randomly .  About every 10 to 20 seconds I'll get a 'blip'
of pixelated
distortion covering no more than 5 percent of the screen and lasting perhaps a

This occurs on both the tuner input and the composite input (which has a b/w
camera on it), occurs on 'live' TV and recordings.  My guess is the mpeg 
encoder is the source.

A reboot  and reseating of the PVR 250  got rid of the problem for a
while, but it's
back again.  Internal temperature of the case is 37 degc, but I pulled
the top off and
rebooted to see if the problem re-occurs.

I also have a firewire input from the cable box....it's clean and rock solid.

All suggestions welcome !

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