[mythtv-users] ivtv problems with latest upgrade

chris at cpr.homelinux.net chris at cpr.homelinux.net
Mon Jul 11 20:13:40 EDT 2005

> > That's not the only ivtv problem.  I was just about to post a warning
> > under a separate Subject: saying that ivtv-0.2.0-rc3j won't compile
> > under the 2.6.12 kernel because the i2c module has changed and the
> > references to client->id in ivtv's saa7115 module are no longer valid.
> > We're stuck at 2.6.11 until that gets fixed.

> ivtv-0.2.0-rc3k source was released June 21st to fix that. You just need
> someone to make a package.

Where was it released?  I got my driver directly from sourceforge and
they still show rc3j as the last stable release.  All of the current work
seems to be on 0.3.x (Dev).

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