[mythtv-users] Summary of my HD experiences with MythTV 0.18.1

Anthony Vito anthony.vito at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 16:41:27 EDT 2005

> --> Motherboard/Processor:  I started with an AMD 3700+ and Foxconn
> 760GXK8MB-ERS (SIS chipset) motherboard.  It was the only microATX
> motherboard I could find with included firewire.  WARNING:  DON'T GET
> THIS MOTHERBOARD!!! For some reason, (using Fedora Core 3 or Core 4),
> the NVidia drivers hang the system immediately.  Using the 64-bit
> version of FC3 was a little better...it didn't hang the system, but I
> couldn't get AGP enabled, so the frame rate wouldn't support HD.

I'm curious, because I ran into this... Did you correct the Udev
issues after installing Nvidia's drivers? ie.... add entries to
/etc/udev or do a "cp -a /dev/nvidia* /etc/udev/devices/" after
booting into non-graphical mode after driver installation?

Anthony Vito
anthony.vito at gmail.com

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