[mythtv-users] Will this solution work? PVR-250 w/ svideo? Before I spend the $$$

mark at onnow.net mark at onnow.net
Mon Jul 11 14:59:17 EDT 2005

Just wanted to check to see if this will work before spending the 300 on a sat

PVR-250 ( works great now with analog cable ) using the SVideo input ( no longer
a tuner ) from a satelite receiver.
IRBlaster controling the external ( Bell expressvu HD Canada ) 

1) Can the PVR-250 ( model 980 ) just act as an svideo in without the tuner?
2) Where does the RCA-out sound from the reciever go?  Sound card input on
Mythtv or is there a sound input on the 250 cap card?
3) Will an IR blaster work OK with any SAT receiver?

So, this will be an HD signal over svideo into the PVR250.  I now have analog
cable running into it working well, but I think the HDTV digital sata receiver
will still be a bit better?  Thoughts on that?

Thanks for the feedback


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