[mythtv-users] Issues getting MythTV to work

Carrison, Stuart Stuart at carrison.co.uk
Mon Jul 11 13:54:59 EDT 2005

Daft question, but have you got the audio cable running from your
capture card to your sound cards line-in?


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I'm in New Zealand and am trying to set up MythTV with a Pinnacle PVTV 
Stereo and VIA onboard sound. The main issues I have are that even 
though I can get channels tuned in applications like xawtv or kdetv 
there is no sound, and I cannot even get MythTV to show a picture. I am 
using Fedora Core 4 at the moment but would be willing to try another 
distro if necessary.

I guess I am missing out some fundamental step here but I just can't see

how I can 'tune' MythTV to the channels I can get here, the option to 
autotune does not show as an option in mythtvsetup :-(

Obviously there is something pretty basic here that I am doing wrong and

I'd appreciate any help that people on the list could offer, especially 
any NZ'ers who have managed to get this kind of setup working who could 
point me in the right direction.

Any and all help appreciated.


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