[mythtv-users] Going HDTV! Assistance REALLY appreciated please

greg at nodecam.com greg at nodecam.com
Mon Jul 11 10:42:35 EDT 2005

> Rats, I already bought the Bell HD system.  Well maybe I can take it
> back.  How about SHAW in Canada?
> I think SHAW might use firewire.  What is a good firewire capture card
> that is a good price point?

I have heard that Shaw does indeed enable firewire on some of their
receivers - I haven't done much research on it yet though.  As for a
capture card, my understanding is that all you need is a firewire port on
your machine - if your motherboard doesn't have one, then firewire PCI
cards are cheap.

The only thing holding me back is that TSN "HD" isn't available in my
market from shaw (apparently) and CFL football is the only reason I want
HD :)


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