[mythtv-users] Network traffic causing pre-buffering pauses...

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Mon Jul 11 07:59:45 EDT 2005

Mark Woodward wrote:
> I'm curious if any one has ever seen this too and if so how to fix it.
> I'm using mythtv 0.18 from CVS but this has been a problem for a while
> but I never really had a reason to look into it. Kernel is 2.6.8.
> When ever there is network traffic (i.e. file transfer to/from the
> mythbox) I get pre-buffering pauses. I'm running the frontend as suid
> but I don't think it's the frontend.
> My guess is that it is a kernel config issue. I have dma turned on for
> the drives so it might be the Ethernet card hogging the CPU (IRQ?). I
> turned on pre-empting in the kernel but no difference.
> Any ideas where to look next?

You could try limiting the MTU (using ifconfig) to make the network
driver process things in smaller chunks.

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