[mythtv-users] UK Malvern DVB scan problem

Julian Edwards myth at julian-edwards.com
Mon Jul 11 05:12:34 EDT 2005

I see from the archives that some people have had issues with Malvern in
the past but I've no idea if this is related.

Basically when doing a full scan it identifies 6 transports ok, but one of
them is a duplicate of another (the one with "ftn" on it) and I don't get
any ITV channels at all.

The same problem exists when using dvbscan from the dvb tools so unless
Myth uses the same scanning code (?) it looks like a problem at the
transmitter (NIT tables?  My DVB knowledge is basic).

If anyone here is using Malvern can you tell me if you see the same
problem?  If not, can you send me a dump of your DVB-related mysql tables
so I can copy them please!


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