[mythtv-users] Fw: What's the default MythVideo playback settings for mplayer?

Don Brown don at donbrown.ca
Sun Jul 10 18:10:44 EDT 2005

For others searching with a similar problem, I'll answer my own question:

To get xine to work with all those codecs downloaded and set-up for mplayer,
edit ~/.xine/config and uncomment the 2 lines that point to the codec
locations for Quicktime and Windows codecs (search for decoders).

Then, ensure you have no typos in the default player settings for Videos in
Setup->Media Settings->Videos Settings
and enjoy!

My mistake was typing -lo-logo instead of --no-logo.

PS.  If you want to play files using all the various windows and quicktime
codecs, but have not yet installed them, follow the instructions to download
and install either 'all' or 'essential' codecs (don't need both) from:

(they work perfectly for xine as well as mplayer)

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Subject: What's the default MythVideo playback settings for mplayer?

I changed to xine for videos, and now none of them play (quicktime, etc).

I play DVD's fine via xine, but all my vidx, xdiv, etc recordings won't play.

I wanted to go back to mplayer, unless I can get the codecs to work.

Any advice or even the default entry for mplayer in settings->video->play

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