[mythtv-users] multiple tuners - configuring capture cards

Jon Johnson lists at bigjjs.com
Sun Jul 10 13:56:14 EDT 2005

On Sunday 10 July 2005 10:44, Jim Reith wrote:
> I have recompiled ivtv with the latest and installed it with no
> problems. When i boot, both of my cards (pvr-150 and a pvr-350) are
> seen. The system had been running successfully with just the PVR-350
> in it. The system boots and comes up on the 350 output to the tv. The
> remote works. When I go to Watch TV I get a blank screen. I went in
> to mythtv-setup and tried to set the capture card up. There is only a
> pvr-250/350 choice, nothing that says PVR-150, so I use that value.
> Which video devices do I set up for it? The 350 was using
> /dev/video0. I tried /dev/video1 but that doesn't seem to want to
> give me the option for tuner1
> Anyone have any suggestions?

If I understand your question you are looking for a Tuner 1 option in the 
input connections menu?  You should use the Tuner 0 " [ MPEG : /dev/video1 ] 
(Tuner 0)" for your new card. 
Jon Johnson

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