[mythtv-users] Mythmusic and cd playing - big problems

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Sun Jul 10 06:00:50 EDT 2005

OK, more to the story...   while I posted the last email, it eventually 
freed itself up.  The terminal posted the message

databasebox.o: Couldn't find your CD. It may not be in the freedb database.
               More likely, however, is that you need to delete ~/.cddb and
               ~/.cdserverrc and restart mythmusic. Have a nice day.
MythThemedDialog.o: something is requesting a screen update of zero 
size. A widget probably has not done a calculateScreeArea(). Will redraw 
the whole screen (inefficient!).

I tried deleting .cddb (I have no .cdserverrc) but it hasn't helped.    
Now it has freed itself up, I can select the CD for playing in the 
playlist editor, as 'unkown'  and it will play.

I closed myth and fired up kaffeine.  It accepts the same CD and gets 
the names and tracks from the net fine.

So something is misconfigured or broken in myth  :-(

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