[mythtv-users] ringbuf1 troubles

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sun Jul 10 00:47:31 EDT 2005

Patrick Cudahy wrote:

>I've got what seems to be a simple problem, but I guess I'm too tired
>to see the solution. I've just gone through setting up my first myth
>box but when I go to watch live tv I get a blank screen. The log says
>that it can't read ringbuf1.nuv in /home/patrick/myth (The directory
>I've created for myth and entered in mythsetup).
>2005-07-09 23:12:18.612 RemoteFile::Read() failed in RingBuffer::safe_read().
>Couldn't read file: rbuf://
>2005-07-09 23:12:18.629 LiveTV not successfully started
>In all the message boards I've searched in it says this is a simple
>permissions problem. But "ls -l /home/patrick" gives
>drwxrwxrwx   2 patrick root       4096 Jul  9 23:29 myth
>And the actual folder doesn't have a ringbuf1.nuv in it (or any files
>for that matter). But the directory should be accessible to mythtv.
>What am I missing? Any help for a lowly n00b would be appreciated.
What user is myth running as and do they have permissions to all the 
folders leading up to the one you posted?


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