[mythtv-users] Screen resolution setting

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Sun Jul 10 00:01:20 EDT 2005

Phill Edwards wrote:

>>I have been reading a howto on myth and they suggest that PAL systems
>>(like mine) should probably be set to 720x576 (or x288).  Unfortunately
>>it is not clear on where this should be set.   The only place I have
>>found a resolution setting like this, is in the recording profiles, and
>>yes, I need to set them I guess.  Given that it is currently set to
>>480x480 by default, I will see a significant file size increase won't I?
>>But also, what about watching live TV, or for that matter watching
>>delayed live TV from the buffer.  Where is the resolution for this set?
>>I would like to hear peoples opinions on what is the best thing to do
>>with these settings.  Indeed, is 720x576 a good idea at all?
>I just stick with the default of 480x480 and it looks great. I havent'
>actually tried 720x576 but I may give it a go just to see!
>The LiveTV one is set in the Live TV profile I think.
I am trying it now, but the difference is small if anything.

btw:  when you make a change like this to a recording profile, even the 
Live TV one, do you need to restart the backend and/or frontend? (I did, 
just to be sure, but was wondering if it was needed)

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