[mythtv-users] Get ABC Australia news video clips in MythStream

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 23:03:02 EDT 2005

This is one for the Aussie MythStream users mainly - it's a shell
script that outputs news/sport/business headlines and links to the
corresponding video clips on ABC's web site into a format that be
copied into MythStream's streams.res file. You can then get a list of
the latest headlines and watch the video clips in MythStream.

The shell script can be found at http://www.oaklands.aust.com/mythtv/abcvidz.sh

You can change some of the settings such as the filename to output to
in the 1st part of the script. My suggestion is that you copy your
streams.res to streams.res.static, or similar, and then run a shell
script after this one that concatenates the file created by abcvidz.sh
onto a cat of streams.res.static and redirect that to the real
streams.res file.

On my setup I have abcvidz.sh running hourly on a box which is
permanently connected to the internet. The output files are written to
a web server dir and picked up from there by wget on my MythTV box
when it wakes up and from there written to streams.res.

Hope you find htis useful.


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