[mythtv-users] remote backend tuner problem

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Jul 9 21:16:03 EDT 2005

Tyler Edwards wrote:
> Here’s the setup, masterbackend with one PVR150 in it and a large hard 
> drive. One remote frontend/backend combination with a PVR350 in it using 
> the TV out function. At this point I can watch live TV over the network, 
> see the EPG, schedule recordings, and connect to the database. What I 

This is a little vague but if you mean you are running a frontend on the
non-master host and you can see the EPG and scheduled recordings from
the master, then that host has the correct mysql.txt and network access
is granted for connections from that host.But this is all in reference
to the frontend...

> can’t seem to get working is the remote backend tuner card. When I goto 
> <> and look at the 
> status it says that encoder 2 is on mythfront1 and is not currently 

Which would indicate that you ran mythtv-setup to add the card and the
master can see the entry for the card in the database but does not
mean that there is a necessarily any connection between processes.

> connected. I’m not sure what to do to get it connected!!! I have 

Sorry but 1) is the "mythbackend" process running on the slave host?

2) If so, is the very first line of log output "Running as a slave
backend."? And does the master backend logs show "adding: mythfront1
as a slave backend server" at about the same timestamp?

The most common problems would be on the first "General" page of
mythtv-setup. Make sure that you have the correct numeric IP for
mythfront1 and the "Master Server IP address" must be the real
network address and not .

--  bjm

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