[mythtv-users] Newbie questions...

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Sat Jul 9 20:28:46 EDT 2005

Warpme wrote:

> Hello world,
> Maybe this question is silly, but I spent some time and have problems 
> with finding right answer...
> I'm living in Poland. We haven't here services like Zap2It or 
> DataDirect or company providing TV guides in XMLTV format.
> So I'm forced to define in MythTV my TV stations manually, and somehow 
> provide for MythTV a TV program guides.
> For TV program guides, I found  Windows application which is able to 
> generate XMLTV file for my favorite TV stations. Idea is to copy 
> everyday (with cron via network) such XMLTV file to MtyhTV box and run 
> "mythfilldatabase --file" command.
> Following guestions arises:
> 1. Where and how can I define TV stations names & frequencies in MythTV ?
> 2. Where MythTV dir structure cron should copy XMLTV file ?
> 3. Maybe there is more elegant solution for my problems ?
> Thx in advance for help !

I found this page useful


There is a section on setting up tv_grab_au.  This is an XMLTV setup for 
Australia, but the parts where he deals with setting up the channels etc 
may help a bit.  My own experience was a little different in the end, 
but it still helped reading this.   For example, my card is a DVB card, 
and that made it easy in a way, all I had to do was import my 
channels.conf file to get all the channels set up, then just edit each 
one to tell it the station ID from the XML file.

As for question #2 , I just noticed this by doing  'mythfilldatabase --help'

--file <sourceid> <offset> <xmlfile>
   Bypass the grabbers and read data directly from a file
   <sourceid> = cardinput
   <offset>   = days from today that xmlfile defines
                (-1 means to replace all data, up to 10 days)
   <xmlfile>  = file to read

Looks like the option for you?

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