[mythtv-users] G4 450 Mhz as a mythtv box?

brent langille brentlangille at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 9 18:44:25 EDT 2005


I am wanting to buy a used apple to use as a mythtv backend and frontend. I 
not plan to use OSX, opting instead for Debian (personal favourite) or 
(because there seems to be a very good guide). In addition I would need a 
or firewire tv tuner (like Plextor ConvertX PVR) or an internal PCI card
hopefully with a hardware encoder. I larger harddrive as well. If the 
capture card encodes the stream, would the G4 450 have enough muscle to play 
and pause live tv?

Maybe there are many more issues then the ones I can think now. Any help or
advice would be appreciated. I have searched for people using ppc as a 
box but I can only find people using them as a frontend. Is there some 
the ppc aren´t being used as a complete (front and back together) system? I
really want to use ppc for this little stunt.

Want I really want out of the system is to be able to watch tv and dvds and 
on my monitor. Pause and play of live tv would be great.

Thanks for any help


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