[mythtv-users] IMDB Screen Scrap... legal?

David Moran dmoran at purdue.edu
Sat Jul 9 11:00:44 EDT 2005

Dean Collins wrote:
> On that matter, I've been tossing around some ideas about a community
> server.
> I have some additional real-time functionality I'd like to build in but
> one of the static concepts is I'd like to build a server that
> automatically looks up reviews that other myth-tv users have submitted.
> Eg I love the film The Mechanic with Charles Bronson, some of you guys
> might see that it is showing on channel xyz but not know anything about
> it, you might be interested in checking out if anyone else has reviewed
> it - when you see my write up it might convince you to check it out.
> It would also be interesting to see if we could get the oztivo guys
> involved.
> Does anyone think this is of value? Anyone able to give some advice to
> my software developer who has never built anything for myth tv in his
> life 
> before some ideas about how to set it up?
> Any thoughts?
> Cheers,
> Dean

It is a good thought, but impractical I think. There are plenty of 
review sites that are already in existence. However, along the same 
lines, what about a site similar to Audioscrobbler 
(http://www.audioscrobbler.com/) but for videos. In case you don't know, 
Audioscrobbler tracks users' played audio songs and correlates artist 
and track information. You can then find other users with similar 
musical tastes, create groups of users that have a similar cause or 
identity, you can even get recommendations on new artists or tracks 
based on what you are currently listening to. Applying this same concept 
to MythTV and video would be a very interesting project. Having the 
ability to see that if you have watched xyz show, other users who have 
watched that show also watch abc show.

A large step from the imdb topic I know, but this post got my mind thinking.


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