[mythtv-users] IMDB Screen Scrap... legal?

Dean Collins Dean at collins.net.pr
Sat Jul 9 09:30:56 EDT 2005

I think you will see a fundamental change occur in how people watch tv
within a very short time frame.

If you have ever watched a post tv show web chat session you'll
understand how many people are interested in 'actively' watching tv as
opposed to passively.

I was actively developing capital for a project about 4-5 months ago
(btw the decision has been made to kill the project after discussions
with Cablelabs irrevocably broke down - they are going to announce
eventually that they are killing cablecard in a bid to delay open
standards (their replacement is a software driven solution.....which
will take another 5 years to implement.....hopefully the fcc will see it
for what it is and tell them to stick it)

Anyway, in case you are interested you can check out one of the initial
documents here www.cognation.net/cablecard3
But it was a concept for a 'super tivo' where viewers are able to
actively interact with other viewers using text super imposed over the
tv video.

I think there is a market for viewers wishing to push the envelope on
their viewing experience outside of just myth tv users.


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> Getting back to my original point.. How many people want to volunteer
> for writing up reviews using a remote control and selecting letters
> individually? ;)
> Nick wrote:
> >On 7/8/05, Aaron Stewart <acs at hourglassone.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Since the majority of frontends out there are designed to run
> >>keyboards, how many people do you think would actually bother to
> >>review material?
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> >On a similar note, do we have some kind of estimate of total MythTV
> >users? I think it's a good idea in theory, I' m wondering whether
> >a venture would be sustainable due to a) the total number of MythTV
> >users, and b) the proportion of those who would actively contribute
> >content, especially if they could contribute.
> >
> >Perhaps something that interfaces between the remote-controlled
> >frontend and the TV listings would be a suitable application - e.g. a
> >central server contains the details of the ratings/suggestions of
> >shows/movies that users can make via the remote from their armchair
> >when checking the listings (e.g. menu option 'Mark as recommended')).
> >A similar feature could then be used to filter future listings to
> >those shows/movies that are recommended or highly recommended by
> >MythTV users but with the option to add opinions which can be read if
> >the users so wish.
> >
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