[mythtv-users] no sound with live TV and recorded image

Iwan iwan at i-lusion.nl
Fri Jul 8 18:27:43 EDT 2005

I have no sound with MythTV ...and allso no sound with recorded items...
Can someone please help me with that?
I am busy with this problem but do not know where to look.
I used Jarod;s guide and did this:
$ /usr/bin/aplay /usr/share/sounds/KDE_Startup.wav 
and this gave me an excelent sound ...
Thanks for helping...
Iwan Hoogendoorn
CCIE # 13084
E-mail : iwan at i-lusion.nl <mailto:iwan at i-lusion.nl> 
FAX# 084-736 0329
GSM# 06-47968935
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