[mythtv-users] IMDB Screen Scrap... legal?

Dean Collins Dean at collins.net.pr
Fri Jul 8 16:35:51 EDT 2005

On that matter, I've been tossing around some ideas about a community

I have some additional real-time functionality I'd like to build in but
one of the static concepts is I'd like to build a server that
automatically looks up reviews that other myth-tv users have submitted.

Eg I love the film The Mechanic with Charles Bronson, some of you guys
might see that it is showing on channel xyz but not know anything about
it, you might be interested in checking out if anyone else has reviewed
it - when you see my write up it might convince you to check it out.

It would also be interesting to see if we could get the oztivo guys

Does anyone think this is of value? Anyone able to give some advice to
my software developer who has never built anything for myth tv in his
before some ideas about how to set it up?

Any thoughts?


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> > explicitly forbidden. Only small subsets of filmographies are
allowed to
> be
> > quoted, and only on non-commercial websites. The latter restrictions
> the
> > use of data may be unenforceable, as the U.S. Supreme Court in Feist
> > Rural ruled that collections of facts are not protected by
> >
> >  With that being said... i can say anything to scare you but that
> doesn't
> > mean i can take it to court and win.
> Ok great.... there is a possible legal loophole that Myth would fit
> into.  But as a community project i feel we have a greater
> responsibility.  If a site askes not to be screen scraped, whe should
> comply with their wishes. Especialy when there is another alternative
> that is free, and completely legal.
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