[mythtv-users] time loss...

Michael Kimberlin mtk9fc at admiral.umsl.edu
Fri Jul 8 14:56:42 EDT 2005

My mythtv box is losing time.  I get different output from hwclock and 
date...even a couple of seconds after syncing the two up.  It seems to get 
worse when a recording is happening.  I lose quite a bit of time (into the 
hours a day, on days that have more recordings).  Needless to say, this 
totally screws up my start and stop times.

I read that syncing the hardware and system clock and then removing 
/etc/adjtime followed by a reboot would take care of this...and it seemed 
to.  But as soon as a recording started I was back in the same boat again.

It's amazingly disappointing to come home to a show that started recording
15 minutes too late and pushes 15 into the next show...and it's everyday.
ANY help would be greatly appreciated...


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