[mythtv-users] Freqid and Sky Digital

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 12:10:32 EDT 2005

On 7/8/05, Darren Coleman <daz at superficial.net> wrote:
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> > Fro what I understand of what you saying, your missing the bit about
> > setting up an external channel changer.
> >
> > Without the channel changer script, the tunner will attempt to change
> > by returning the coax input, as you've got a s-video input, from and
> > external box, you need to setup myth to call a channel change script,
> > this also requires a blaster (ir/rf) to actually change the box (i.e.
> > send the infrared signal for the channel)
> >
> > Additionally, you will want mythfilldatabase to populate your scehdule
> > from Radio Times, or you'll be missing the advantages of Myth.
> >
> > Ant.
> I've already got mythfilldatabase populating the schedule from RT, with the
> correct channel numbers and even some icons.
> I'm not too fussed about MythTV actually changing the channel at the moment
> because I know this will involve scripts and an IR blaster.  I'm more
> concerned by the fact that when I type in the channel number, or press up or
> down on the keyboard - it just pauses and then shows me the same on-screen
> information.
> I don't know if I'm making much sense or not - basically since the feed from
> the Sky Digital box is "just a video feed" Myth will have no way of knowing
> what channel, frequency or whatever the Sky box will be running.  I do not
> need Myth or my PVR card to do any tuning at all, the coax connection is not
> even used - I just want the OSD and TV guide to reflect the change in
> channel (in other words, if I type in 301 - I want it to switch to Sky
> Sports 1 on the OSN and TV guide, irrespective of whats being shown on the
> screen (as that's a separate configuration issue imo).

Perhaps you need to use a dummy script that MythTV can innocently run
when trying to change channel. If the channel change script value is
populated with a script the exists, Myth will not try to tune
automatically to the freqid.

I think that if there is no script being called, the channel change
will fail, and myth will remain on the same channel it was on before.
If Myth thinks the channel change script returned OK, it will probably
then update the OSD with the new channel info.

Does browse mode work though when watching the feed from the Sky box?
I.e. just getting the different channel info but not trying to
actually change channel?

> Hope I'm being clear - I know it's a slightly confusing scenario.  It would
> probably be easier if I was using a DVB card, with the Sky signal being fed
> directly into the card in the PC - but then I would only be able to view
> Free-to-Air channels (all premium Sky channels are encrypted and require the
> STB to decrypt).

Only if the DVB card was a DVB-S card probably. I'm not sure if the
Sky box would provide a DVB-T version on the channels and not DVB-S as
it's coming from satellite and not OTA.


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