[mythtv-users] Nvidia MX4000 vs ATI 9200SE

Johnny Lee johnny at fishcounts.com
Fri Jul 8 05:58:32 EDT 2005

> Hi,
> Marius Schrecker wrote:
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>>>I know a lot of you are going to have difference opinions but which
>>> should
>>I buy? I am currently going to purchase a PCI card for a smaller desktop
>>box to transfer my mythtv box into. The 2 cheapest PCI cards with S-Video
>>out I could find are the MX
>>>000 and the 9200SE. From benchmarks I see the
>>9200SE is faster @ 3D but is it a pain to setup? I am currently running
>>FX5200 which is great at S-Video out. Overscan is definitely a plus.
>>Opinions? TIA
>>Hi Johnny,
>>I can't compare the two directly as I haven't tried an MX4000, but have
>>used Nvidia cards up to fairly recently, and tried most of them using
>> composite
>>out to a 50Hz TV. The last machine I set up with TV out used an ATI
>> 9200SE,
>>and I have to say I was very impressed by the clarity and stability of
>> the
>>TV picture (using the proprietary drivers from ATI) into an ordinary 50Hz
>>TV. Unfortunately the box was stolen before I had the chance to finish
>> setting
>>it up so I can't tell you more. I think it is true that Nvidia may be
>> easier
>>to set up. I was still having trouble with screen resizing (using Xfree86
>>4.3) and 3D acceleration, but there was plenty of help available on the
>>net for these issues.
>>I know several people on the list have had trouble with ATI cards so this
>>is by no means a recommendation, but I wanted to share my positive
>> experience.
>>Registered Linux user
> I tried setting up an Radeon 7000 card and gave up in the end. Info on
> the net is plentiful but scarce when it comes down to specific issues.
> I now use an fx5200 which i love. nVidia has official linux drivers and
> the card does xvmc, taking the load of the CPU when decoding the mpeg
> stream. Also, it's cheap.
> I use the card's vga output feeding a projector and the quality is
> absolutely stunning.
> Cheers,
> -Morten
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Looks like it's settled then. Nvidia for me. Thank you all for your
sharing your opinions and issues.


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