[mythtv-users] [OT] Diskless front end (using PXE) - Fedora Core?

Micah.Wedemeyer at gtri.gatech.edu Micah.Wedemeyer at gtri.gatech.edu
Thu Jul 7 16:20:10 EDT 2005


I'm getting ready to split my current Myth box (a combined
frontend/backend) into two separate machines.  As part of the split, I'm
planning to move to a diskless front-end configuration where it boots
over the network from the server.

I've checked in the BIOS and my soon-to-be frontend does indeed have
PXE, and LAN is an option for boot device.  So, on that front, I think
I'm in pretty good shape.

However, I'm not much of a Linux expert, and the distro I'm most
comfortable with is Fedora Core.  I used Jarod's guide to get my current
setup running, and I would probably follow it (or use FC4) when I split
to the client/server model.

My question is: Does anyone know how to setup a network boot using
Fedora Core?  From the client's perspective, I'd like to have it start
up and fetch grub or something to allow further booting.  From what I
understand, I can specify a NFS location in grub for the kernel and

What I'm not clear on is how to install all the Fedora Core stuff in
such a way as to support 2 machines (the client and server) from a
single HDD.

Ideally, I'd like a way to share certain things (window manager,
applications like mysql, etc) between the different machines.  However,
there will also be things that could be distinct (kernel, modules,
X-windows settings, /proc filesystem, and such) since the 2 machines
will not be the same hardware.

A second and less ideal approach is to have nothing shared.  In this
case, both installations reside on the same partition but are completely

The easiest, but least ideal, approach (that I know of) is to have
separate partitions for each machine.  In this setup, I could take the
HDD and partition it with multiple separate partitions representing each
machine.  Then I could physically connect the HDD to the client and
install FC on one partition.  I could transfer the HDD to the server and
install FC again on the other partition.  At that point I've got 2 fully
functional FC installations and I could use grub to choose which to go

Am I making this too hard?  Is there an easier way that I'm just not


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