[mythtv-users] Hardware compatablity / Drivers RedHat / Fedora Core 4 & MythTV / Advice welcome

Shane Tanis shane_tanis at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 7 13:49:03 EDT 2005

I am look ing to build a new Media Server using Myth.  I am not sure which is the perfered hardware.  Below is a list of hardware I intend/wish to use.  Some of this hardware I just happen to have hanging around and some I intend to purchase pending driver / compatiblity information.   I do not have to use any of this hardware and I am willing to purchase new / different hardware. 



OS:   RedHat / Fedora Core 4    Free


Software:  MythTV 0.18.1 and LIRC 0.7.1  Free


Case:  Cooler Master  CAV-To4-UWC  w/ 350 watt P/S  w/ (2) 60mm & (1) 80mm Fans   $109


Motherboard: Asus  P4P800 SE  w/ Intel 865PE & ICH5R chipsets Dual Channel 

DDR400 , and SATA 150 RAID 1+0    In Stock


CPU:  Pentium 4 Prescott  3.2ghz  800FSB  1MB L2 Cache  478 Pin   $180


Hard Drives:  (2) Maxtor 200gb SATA 150 7200    In Stock


Memory:  Samsung PC3200 (1 GB kit)  (2) 512mb DDR   $106


Capture/TV Tuner:  Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-250    $90


AGP Video Card:  Gigabit ATI 9600 Pro w/ 128mb (S-Video Out & DVI out)  $74


Sound:  SoundBlaster Audigy II  24bit   6.1 channels   In Stock


WiFi:  LinkSys Wireless 802.11g   In Stock


Remote: RadioShack 15-2116 universal remote  $49


** Intentions of future upgrade to include additional HDTV capture / tuner card

-  Yours in Christ Jesus, - Shane  -    Truth: Believe that Jesus Christ is God and that he died for you and then rose back to life. Ask him into your heart and life and you will know true happiness, true love, will be forgiven for all sins and you will live eternally. 

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