[mythtv-users] skip forward, backs up/time discrepancy

Larry Symms lsymms at comcast.net
Thu Jul 7 13:21:29 EDT 2005

PVR-350, PVR-150MCE
Knoppmyth r5a12 (myth .17, debian 2.6.9)
ivtv 0.3.6p

There is a discrepancy in the time displayed on the PVR-350 tv-out and 
the actual location in the recording.  For example when watching a show, 
if I'm at the first commercial break the OSD time will display 5:30.  
When I skip forward 30 seconds the time displayed is 6:00 but it has 
actually gone back to about 1 minute before the commercial break 
started.  Subsequent skips work fine.  After watching another segment, 
the time discrepency builds up again and the first skip goes back.  I've 
heard of this happening with PAL setups because of the framerate 
difference but I've not seen any solutions for NTSC.

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