[mythtv-users] Duplicate channels for HDTV alongside analog cable...

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 21:02:17 EDT 2005

(I always forget to hit reply all, or fix the To: to make sure it goes
to the list and the not the previous reply..)

I've gotten much further, but am still baffled on what the above
script did/does.  Without using the above script I can create a zap2it
listing of the broadcast channels, limit them to just digital
channels, and set that up as a video source no problem.  I then
download the program info with mythfilldatabase, and all is well.  I
don't see what a 'full scan of existing transports' even does as far
as something useful, how it's useful, and most importantly, what that
script does other than just combine the 2 sources...

What I can do currently:

Surf the channels (which doesn't work as I thought it would) via
Live-TV.  I have to switch tuners manually to tune either HD channels
or analog cable channels, otherwise it just tunes the channels that
the current tuner is capable of tuning.  I can record things listed in
the program guide, and it works just fine.  The channels that I do get
info for (from zap2it) are the (for example) 4_1 channels (which tune
fine), where 41 will tune just fine, there is no program info for it
(and the channels are the same channel, one (4_1) was obtained from
zap2it, where 41 was obtained from a full scan of existing

Any clearing of my confusion is very welcome!


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