[mythtv-users] tv_grab_uk_rt - only 1 week of data?

Kim Wall kim at ductilebiscuit.net
Wed Jul 6 19:12:35 EDT 2005

Having just manually run mythfilldatabase again to investigate a 
listings discrepancy[1], I notice that I now have 14 days of guide data 
again.  Hopefully that means it was a temporary problem with the Radio 
Times site.


[1] I noticed the myth backend shutting down when it was supposed to be 
recording today's Live 8 concert.  It appeared that the planned coverage 
had been extended[2] at some point in the last couple of days, and that 
Digiguide (which I happened to have running on my desktop) was quicker 
to update their listings than the Radio Times, which was still showing a 
1.5 hour show at 1:20 this morning when mythfilldatabase last ran.  Grr, 
but unavoidable.

[2] I did the sensible thing and immediately told myth to record the 
film that it thought was on instead.  However, I notice that having run 
mythfilldatabase, it still thinks it's recording a non-existent film - I 
assume because it only queries the database at the start of a recording.

This raises the question of whether this behaviour is desirable, in the 
unlikely (but certainly with DVB EPG (or teletext?) sourced data 
possible) event that the listings change while a programme is being 
recorded.  It seems that changing the end time (or aborting an unwanted 
recording) on the fly would be quite handy, especially with special 
events like Live 8 or sports finals which are liable to cause the 
schedule to change at short notice.

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