[mythtv-users] Newbie questions

Benjamin J. Weiss benjamin at birdvet.org
Wed Jul 6 17:06:26 EDT 2005


I've been trying to read everything, but I'm trying to get this set up 
before I leave for a couple of weeks of military duty and I'm running 
out of time.  Please be patient with these questions if I haven't found 
the answers where I should have.

Background:  I've got an AMD Athlon 2100+ XP box, and I've put in an 
Hauppauge PVR-350.  I don't have it configured yet, as I'm planning on 
upgrading the OS from CentOS-3 to CentOS-4 (I'm working on that part 
now).  I want this box to be in our family room, to act as our DVD 
player / music center / PVR, basically as a back-end and front-end.

 I also have a P4 3.0GHz machine running Windows 2000 (yeah, I know, but 
it's easier to run games that way than to run an emulator) and it has an 
MSI NX6600GT video card.  I'd like this box to be a front-end.  Due to 
physical constraints, this box will have to be connected to the home 
network via wireless.

1) Is there a windows front-end for myth-tv?

2) Would it benefit me to put another Hauppauge card in the Windows 
front-end?  If so, which one?

3) What kind of bandwidth should I expect to need if I want to play a 
recorded show on the windows front-end?  Will an 802.11g 54Meg 
connection handle the load easily, or should I look at a more expensive 
Pre-N router / card combo?

My plan is to (hopefully) have the box converted to CentOS-4 sometime in 
the next week, then (again, hopefully) install mythtv using a repo 
(atrpms?), and get it working in the next three weeks before I leave.



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