[mythtv-users] Recording: how to adjust color?

Teruel de Campo chusty at attglobal.net
Wed Jul 6 11:25:40 EDT 2005

I posted a couple of message and I got not answers  :-( . I just compiled from 
source everything except mysql (only I dropped mythconverg)and the problem 
persist. I am using ivtv-0.3.6.w. I get no error during compilation and except 
for this problem the rest is ok.

The recording is very dark as well as .nuv during live tv. If I press <G> during 
live TV suddenly the picture is ok. Recording picture is always dark.

Where can I change the recording color?

Why whenever I start mythtv the color is reset to dark?  Here is the weird behavior:

If I look at liveTV the is very dark:

(1) If I press G (the window comes preset to 50% for example)suddenly without 
any adjustments the color is perfect. For some reason mythtv can not read the 
preset 50% until G is press?. If I exit mythtv and then I use the mplayer the 
picture is perfect.

(2) If I donot press G the picture is dark. If I exit and then use the mplayer 
the picture is dark

In summary the ivtv module seems to work as it should. Mythtv can not read the 
color setup until the G is press.

Could it be problems with permission in mysql?

I have spend time looking at the users lists, reinstalling and learning mysql 
but I can not figure out where the problem is. I would appreciate any direction 
any of you can point me where to look at it.

Thxs much!


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