[mythtv-users] Perplexing one - On screens with lots of black playback judder s

Charlie Brej mythtv at brej.org
Wed Jul 6 07:28:28 EDT 2005

Stephen Williams wrote:
> I'm glad it's not just me, yes I see this too. This is also with UK
> DVB (TS mode), in fact i've only seen it for one program (Nip Tuck)
> but it does for every episode at all 'fades to black' for advert
> breaks plus other dark scenes.

Same here but the other day when I had some time I wanted to debug this I 
couldn't find any footage which had it (a lot of flicking through old 

I wanted to see if the CPU is being overworked during the fade to black. 
Maybe the mpeg stream uses a very computing intensive sequence over and 
over again.

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