[mythtv-users] Re: DVB-S: Hauppauge nexus-s versus Twinhan/Skystar cards

Uwe Schmidt uwe.uwe at gmx.de
Wed Jul 6 04:14:58 EDT 2005

I can not recommend the skystar 2 (revision 2.6d).

The first card I received was broken after 2 weeks usage.
The second card then worked in my old Siemens-PC (togehter with a
technotrend budget), then I moved to new HW (IBM x200), and the card works 3
or 4 days only, then the whole machine needs to reboot. 
Driver unload and load is impossible, because the card "locks" the driver
(says, it is in use).
I did this for a few weeks now - and I removed it from the machine now.
The new (second) technotrend is ordered already.

So, go for a Technotrend Budget DVB-S, it's about 60.- EUR.
And it does the job perfectly.


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