[mythtv-users] Verdict on EPIA M 10000

Peter Schachte schachte at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Wed Jul 6 00:41:46 EDT 2005


I've seen much discussion of getting MythTV running on an Epia M 10000
machine, so I know lots of myth users have one.  What I haven't seen
is how they feel about it.  I'm choosing a hardware setup to run myth
right now, and would appreciate comments on the Epia M.  In

The machine, as I conceive it now, would be an Epia M 10000 with 2 PCI
DVI-T cards on an active PCI riser, 250 GB Seagate HDD, DVD burner,
512 MB RAM.  I'll use the on-board S-video and S/P DIF outputs.  Not
sure about the case yet; I like the Silverstone LC-11M, with 2 line
display and IR remote, but I'm not sure it'll fit.

    1.	How is the S-video out quality?  I plan to plug into a decent
	standard def wide-screen TV (Loewe Xelos); how much quality
	will I lose relative to using the TV's component input?

    2.	How good is the S/P DIF sound when run into a reasonably good
	stereo system (Yamaha reciever, Klipsch speakers)?

    3.  I understand the Epia is underpowered for transcoding and
	commercial flagging.  I'd like to do both of these.  How many
	minutes of TV could I transcode and commercial flag per hour?
	I don't mind letting the machine do this overnight, if I can
	handle 3 or 4 hours of recording per day.

Is there any other reasonably low cost, low noise option that people
would recommend in lieu of the Epia?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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