[mythtv-users] Audio Problems (SBLive, Firewire, AC3, SPDIF)

Andy O'Brien andyob at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 23:22:07 EDT 2005

Old problem that I still haven't quite figured out, looking to see if anyone 
has any suggestions.

System: Myth on FC3 via Jarod's setup guide, 
Audio: SBLive card connected to 5.1 tuner via SBLive Drive optical output. 
Using the .asoundrc file to get AC3 output to the tuner.
Video: via Firewire from Moto6200
CPU: AMD 2400 XP, plenty of ram, etc.

Problem: Audio on non 5.1 programs. Watching live TV, playback stutters 
every second, it sounds as though the audio is playing back too fast 
(Chipmunk sound), but the video is playing OK (Getting buffer underrun 
messages). When watching a recorded show audio still plays back fast and 
video plays back fast as well.

So most HBO programming which plays in 5.1 dolby digital plays/records just 
fine, but other programming like cartoon network plays as described above.

It's been suggested that I try a simple .asoundrc file:

pcm.!default {
type plug
slave.pcm "hw:0,2"

which allows me to listen to view all programs, and the audio works OK, but 
lacks 2 things:

Dolby Digital/5.1/whatever output and on my HBO programs all I'm picking up 
are the left and right audio channels, the center, LS and RS speakers appear 

Maybe I just need to set something in myth? If I enable AC3 bypass all I get 
is static in my stereo.

Any help appreciated, I just got LIRC working, everything is automated, I'm 
a happy Myth user, but the lack of the audio I want is starting to peeve me 
off. Any suggestions? Please speak in small words, I'm quite new still and 
some of the linux terminology still confuses me.

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