[mythtv-users] MythTV on XDSL on XBox

Derek Watson DerekW at intergen.co.nz
Tue Jul 5 19:02:57 EDT 2005

Hey Jamison

Care to put together a quick howto? :-)

At least a description of your general approach (eg. rpms vs apt vs
source) and any gotchas would be really useful for us not-in-the-know's.


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I have mythtv installed on XDSL. It was really quite easy and then I had
a few problems with XDSL so I am going to reinstall it tonight.


Phill Edwards wrote:

>>I thought it'd make a good lightweight alternative to xebian which 
>>takes around 90 seconds to boot (xdsl takes around 20 seconds), but 
>>haven't found time to look into it. The other distro that I thought 
>>looked pretty promising as a starting point is sxbmini (slax based).
>>I'd love to hear how you progress and if I can offer any assistance 
>I'd like to hear how you go too. I currently use the xbmcmythtv python 
>scripts but they don't seem to work if the original MPEG2 files are 
>transcoded into anything else. The reason I went this way is because of

>the boot up times. If XDSL boots in 20 secs then this would be a pretty

>good alternative.
>Would you mind posting how you go?
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