[mythtv-users] New Script: Add Premium Sports Package Listings for Rogers Digital Cable (Ontario)

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Jul 5 13:14:10 EDT 2005

Derek Battams wrote:
> I've written a script that allows Rogers Digital (Ontario) subscribers to add
> listings for the premium sports packages (MLB Extra Innings, NFL Sunday Ticket,
> NHL Centre Ice, NASCAR In-Car, etc.) into the MythTV program table.  Makes
> finding/recording games much easier.  If there are others out there that would
> like to take advantage of these listings I've made the client script available
> at:
> http://www.battams.ca/rssp/rssp_client.tar.gz
> Simply untar the file, edit rssp.conf for your setup and then run rsspUpdate
> (PHP4+ required).  You should run it daily after your mythfilldatabase run. 
> The NASCAR listings are intentionally missing at the moment since Zap2It is
> missing some of the premium sports channels in their listings.  Once those
> channels are added to the channel lineup for Rogers then I'll add the NASCAR
> listings in as well.  See readme file for more details.

I don't need this but a couple suggested conveniences. First, if 
you change the 'program' table, you need to tell the scheduler
to look for matching programs once again. Otherwise, it won't know
that there are new listings that may match existing rules. Also,
the Setup->General page for "Mythfilldatabase" asks for a path
to a command. This, of course, could be a wrapper script to do any
daily tasks along with mfdb. For example:

# mythfillrssp: mfdb plus Rogers Digital
mythbackend --resched

--  bjm

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