[mythtv-users] Re: Mythbrowser and keyboard

Paul mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Jul 5 13:05:19 EDT 2005

>I like many others have a wireless keyboard for my Mythbox. One thing I 
>would like to be able to do with this keyboard is to surf the web using 
>Mythbrowser, but I find that very difficult considering that some keys 
>don't actually type but are actually bound to do something else (for 
>example, move the mouse). How can I change the functionality of 
>Mythbrowser to allow the keyboard to be used for purely typing within 

Pressing the 'F1' key (default key binding) toggles where key presses
get sent to either the web page eg so you can enter text on a web form or
to mythbrowser so you can bring up the menu, or move the mouse using
the number keys etc. Not sure if that is what you want?

>Also, is it possible to type in URLs on the fly? 

Pressing the 'I' key should bring up a dialog box into which you
can type a URL.

There are other keybindings detailed in the readme.


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