[mythtv-users] Silent HDTV Front End

James Oltman cnlibmyth at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 10:56:44 EDT 2005

> > http://asusfan.linux-site.net/
> > http://people.easter-eggs.org/~yack/digimatrix/
> >
> > It can do up to 1080i HD on component outputs.  There has also been a
> > LOT of work regarding it's front LED panel.
> > _______________________________________________
> Actually looks pretty cool. I'm not real big on SiS chipsets so I'd
> have to get over that hurdle. I also don't care(normally) for power
> supply dongles but this would make the box more quiet than the power
> supplies in my Pundit-R's. Overall a quick look was very promising.
> One question - from the picture on NewEgg it looked likeit might have
> a tuner built in. What's the story with that? Do you know? Can this
> guy accept any PCI cards or is it a frontend only target?
> Cheers,
> Mark

It does have a couple mini-pci slots.  One has a TV / Radio tuner and
the other has a poor WiFi card (from what I have read you can replace
that with another card and get much better pperformance).  The tuner
card is obviosly not hardware based but people have gotten it to work.
 I don't think I would use that tuner simply because I am not a fan of
software cards.  I have a dedicated backend server for that stuff.  I
would simply use it as a front end.  I have never used Gentoo as an OS
before, I think that it would be pretty interesting to play with.  I
do enjoy a challenge though.  That is why I started with Myth in the
first place.  It took me 3 months to get a combined FE/BE working with
a remote and sound and picture.  It now takes me only an hour or so
Jarod's Guide and FC3.

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