[mythtv-users] [OT] Partitioning for Max Space

Marc Tousignant drayson at net1plus.com
Tue Jul 5 08:12:40 EDT 2005

Recordings should be XFS per most recommendations. Although I have seen some
say ReiserFS. Neither will get you more room. XFS will speed up the delete
of an old recording, especially when they are large in size. 
If you goto the ReiserFS site they claim to be the fastest file system.
Although, this is claim is for Reiser4. They also say "it will also be some
substantial time before V4 is as stable as V3."

I have been using XFS per Jarod's guide and have had no troubles.
I will admit to using ReiserFS on my OS partition thou.

I open the floor to others opinions.

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> I'm replacing an existing myth drive with a quieter model. My main problem
> is
> that I'm losing upto 8Gb between the partition size and the actual space
> available.
> It might be that I have to accept this loss but as it represents between
> 5-8
> hours of recordings I'm looking for some advice. Is there any
> formula/filesystem which might get me better results?
> The 80Gb drive (Samsung Spintpoint) is carved up as follows:
> Name    Flags    Part Type  FS Type     Size (MB)
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----
> hdb1    Boot      Primary     Linux ext3   3003.68 (/)
> hdb2                  Primary     Linux swap 510.94   (swap)
> hdb3                  Primary     Linux ext3   3003.68  (TV Cache)
> hdb4                  Primary     Linux ext3   73535.94 (Recordings)
> In reality I'm getting only ~65Gb versus 73Gb. The structure is based on
> the
> knoppmyth created partition table on the old (40Gb) drive.
> --
> Stuart Morgan

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