[mythtv-users] Seeking driving me nuts

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Mon Jul 4 08:19:02 EDT 2005

On Friday 17 June 2005 05:56, Sasha Z wrote:
> It's impossible to FF or RW through the recording. The commercial skip
> buttons don't work 100% correctly either.
> Here's the detail:
> In CVS from today and the last few weeks, these features have been
> buggy. If I try to ffwd through a show, I'll get to where I want to
> be, press play, and jump some random interval forward into the show.
> Likewise with rrwd. This is completely unusable. These shows are
> transcoded into mpeg4 from mpeg2 and commercial flagged.
> When using the jump to cutpoint buttons, going forward at the
> beginning of a show goes to the next point, but hitting back goes to
> the next one forward. Hitting back from there works properly. This is
> just an annoyance... but still >:-(
> Any thoughts on these?
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i'm not sure if this is related but...
if your /etc/localtime is incorrect (make sure it is a symbolic link 
to /usr/share/zoneinfo/<whatever>) then seeking or ff/frew does not work 
properly. don't know why! had this issue since april but it is now fixed.

so check and see if it makes a difference.

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