[mythtv-users] Cutpoints delayed & bad commercial flagging

Matthew Carle matthew_carle at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 4 07:17:13 EDT 2005


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> On 03/07/2005, at 12:21 PM, Matthew Carle wrote:
> > I usually put cutpoints into a movie before I watch it so I 
> can just 
> > let it run (I don't transcode). The problem is that it always plays 
> > about 10 seconds after the "delete after this point" cutpoints. The 
> > "delete before this point" cutpoints don't appear to have 
> the problem 
> > (certainly not to the same degree - I havn't noticed it).
> >
> > I have also tried a transcode which also results in the delay.
> >
> > Is this a software limitation or is something not working right?
> >
> > I also have another issue which may be related. Commercial flagging 
> > nearly always detects commercials as starting and ending too early 
> > (averaging 20-30 seconds). I don't think I've ever seen a 
> commercial 
> > break flagged correctly.
> > Is this normal? I am using the "all" method of flagging.
> I have similar problems with 0.17 (I'm in Adelaide using 
> DVB-T). End cutpoints end late and commercial flagging is 
> quite spotty (using the "all" method of detection). The late 
> end cut-points aren't a bug problem and, since commercial 
> breaks tend to be 3 mins, I've just got into the habit of 
> turning flagging off and hitting "3" "forward" to skip 3 mins 
> when the commercials start.
> I assume that commercial flagging is optimized for US TV and 
> something in the commercial layouts on Australian free to air 
> channels throws it. It seems to be especially easily fooled 
> by the station's own commercials for upcoming shows that come 
> at the end of ad breaks. I realise commercial flagging is a 
> bit of a black art, so I'm not too surprised it doesn't work 
> in places it probably isn't tuned for. I'm just happy that it 
> works so well otherwise ;)
> Matt.

I can understand how the commercial flagging might not work too well,
however the main issue I was wondering about is the cut-point problem. Do
people outside of Australia have this problem? I can't really see how it
would be related to the video stream (but I'm sure that's possible). I
mainly mentioned the commercial flagging in case it is related.

Any ideas anyone?


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