[mythtv-users] HD capture via Component/RGB/DVI incoming at 720i

Todd Bailey toddb at toddbailey.net
Mon Jul 4 02:01:29 EDT 2005

A while ago I stumbled across the site that spoke of hacking various sat 
receivers and adding firewire, but back them I wasn't interested.
Now that my interest has piqued I can't find the site. How typical eh?  If 
you happen to come across the link (s) would you mind posting them again?


I briefly looked at the dish net hd receivers with dvr capability and too 
much money for what you get, maybe in a few years when prices are more 
but for now I am happy with my 5 hd channels ...

For now I'll see what I can find out about converting rgb, dvi or component 
video to sdi and capturing that signal via a firewire port.
It can't be that big of a deal, broadcasters have been doing this for quite 
a while.  But then they have the big $ to pay for the hardware.
BTW: ATI has a hd capture card but alias it's only ota. Maybe I need to find 
a way to re-transmit the rgb and audio signal and feed the ati via it's 
antenna port.
Or maybe hack the ati card?

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> It there anyway to perform an  video + audio mixed in capture
> on the above
> listed hd signals and resolution?
> I am on satellite and those are the only hdtv signals
> available to me, cable
> or off the air is not an option.
> I believe there is a something called sdi that is either a
> interface or a
> signal standard that professionals use for hd video.
> perhaps it's something similar to firewire?
> Anyone have information on this?

As always, this is my personal opinion and will probably get me flamed by
the list. I have been using myth for about 2 years now to record sd content
from dishnet and I have been looking into swithing to hd now that the amount
of content is increasing.

Currently your only options for capturing hd from sat are to buy a hd dvr
from directv/dishnet or to spend the money to have one of the few supported
boxes hacked to add firewire support. The hack info was posted to the list a
couple of months ago so you should still be able to find it in the archives.
HD support in mythtv for anything other than OTA is sorely lacking and
limited. Even ota broadcast signals cannot all be captured as most good
content is encripted. At this point in time the directv/dishnet dvr is
probably your best choice.

Here at my location the local cable company is offering a FREE hd dvr from
scientific atlantic for the same rental as a standard set top box. I would
have jumped at this months ago except that all the reviews of that box say
it sucks the big one. It lacks the 30 second commercial skip feature and
only allows you for fast forward (while watching) thru commercials. At some
point this will probably replace my myth system as they are reportedly
working on this feature for release later this year.

PS - All the commercial dvrs have the ability to link boxes via ethernet so
there is the possibility of being able to download content to a pc
pretending to be a dvr. Search the web for more info on this feature.

Good luck with this as this seems to be the new holy grail for software dvr


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