[mythtv-users] Problems when scheduling repeat programs

George Nassas gnassas at mac.com
Sun Jul 3 19:06:06 EDT 2005

On 3-Jul-05, at 6:12 PM, Piers Kittel wrote:

> It'd be far better if I could set MythTV to say record "Anything 
> similar to 'Cutting Edge' in it's name roughly in this time every 
> week"?

I just posted something on this in the dev list. Popular question.

"Under Manage Recordings -> Schedule Recordings -> Search Words -> 
Titles. Give it the words you want to look for and, even if there are 
no current matches, schedule a recording. I use the people version of 
this to pick up films with my favourite actors. It's amazing how much 
stuff I would have missed without it."

Under Schedule there's also Custom Record which is even more 

- George

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