[mythtv-users] tv_grab_uk_rt - only 1 week of data?

Kim Wall kim at ductilebiscuit.net
Sun Jul 3 17:19:33 EDT 2005

I've just run mythfilldatabase, and have gone from:

Last mythfilldatabase run started on 2005-07-03 01:21 and ended on 
2005-07-03 01:25. mythfilldatabase ran, but did not insert any new data 
into the Guide. This can indicate a potential grabber failure.
There's guide data until 2005-07-14 06:00 (11 days).


Last mythfilldatabase run started on 2005-07-03 22:01 and ended on 
2005-07-03 22:05. Successful.
There's guide data until 2005-07-15 06:00 (12 days).

Looking at the listings, the data dries up at 12AM on the 15th (with a 
few programmes that carry through till 6AM).  So the grabber appears to 
be getting something for 12 days in the future, but not the usual 14.

Something fishy's going on, anyway.


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