[mythtv-users] pchdtv 3000 dvb or atsc?

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 15:51:55 EDT 2005


I have finally been able to successfully get a picture on my hd3k
card!  But, I am far from sitting back on the couch flipping the

I am having some success using the cx88-atsc module.  But, not really.
 I can use:
getatsc /dev/dvb 13.1 > file.mpg
And play it with mplayer.  I can also:
mplayer /dev/dtv
And watch something.  However, the first channel I tune to using any
tool, that is the only channel I get until I rmmod cx88-atsc, and them
modprobe cx88-atsc.  Then I can tune another channel.

I get a great signal, above 90% on nearly everything, according to
dtvsignal.  Here's a snippet:

masterc root # dtvsignal /dev/dtv 13.1
main: argc 3 argv[1] /dev/dtv
channel 13
freq*16 = 3380
main: ioctl 1 rtn 0
main: ioctl 2 rtn 0
dtvsignal ver 0.2 - by Jack Kelliher (c) 2002
channel = 13 freq*16 = 3380
Signal:           |    .    :    .    |    .____:____.____|
Signal: 096 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I have yet to get anything working regarding dvb really.  I have
followed a few how-to's that seem to get me going, but I never
actually get any picture.

I've got dvb-apps from CVS yesterday, and am running a 2.6.12-mm1
kernel with the necessary modules available.  Here's a snippet of my

masterc root # lsmod | grep cx
cx88_atsc              14788  0
cx22702                 6148  0
dvb_pll                 6020  2 or51132,cx22702
cx8802                  9412  1 cx88_atsc
cx8800                 27916  0
cx88xx                 52064  3 cx88_atsc,cx8802,cx8800
i2c_algo_bit            9288  2 bttv,cx88xx
video_buf              18180  6
ir_common               7364  1 cx88xx
tveeprom               11216  2 bttv,cx88xx
i2c_core               17920  11
v4l1_compat            14084  2 cx88_atsc,cx8800
v4l2_common             5184  3 cx88_atsc,bttv,cx8800
btcx_risc               4360  4 bttv,cx8802,cx8800,cx88xx
videodev                7680  4 cx88_atsc,bttv,cx8800,cx88xx

The only package I installed from the pchdtv site was the 'extras'
package for the 2.6.12 kernels.

So, to recap:
with the atsc module I get a video, but no audio and I can't switch
channels.  With the dvb module, I appear to get everything configured
correctly, but get nothing.

Any suggestions are very welcome, and I'm sure you need some more info
that I didn't include, so please ask so I can include it.


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